We set high standards for the quality and durability of our products during production. However, after many years of use, and if exposed to extreme conditions, some scuffs or defects can be expected.

We are happy to repair your connector, or can replace the defective elements, regardless of the manufacturer. If necessary we can also supply you with a replacement cable for the period of repair.

Send us your defective lamp cables, we’ll verify the problem and correct it.


In order to help you optimize your assortment we offer a ‘Conversion Service’ which enables you to renew your outdated connectors. Just send us your lamp cord, and we will replace it with our new Elcotec® connector system.
In addition to this we can provide a replacement cable for the period of renovation work.

Get in touch with us, so that we can advise you as soon as possible!

Development and Consulting

Are you looking for a specific or custom-made solution for an unusual request?
We have many years of experience and craftsmanship in dealing with circular connectors which sets us apart and enables us to help you find a tailor-made solution for your problem.

For non-contractual quotes, orders or individual advise, please contact us at: GRAWE GmbH, Tegernseer Weg 1, 83679, Sachsenkam, T: +49 8021 8877-0, E: elcotec(et)